Friday, April 8, 2011

this is what happens when you give into temptation.

John is gone for the evening with a buddy from across the way (Christie's husband, Aaron).

I'm currently traversing over the intersection of Rick Steve's Europe: Basque Country (John...we're going) and commercials Lidia's Italy on the PBS: Create station.  

Now I'm watching some other travel show on Switzerland.  
They are featuring some kind of white wine at the moment, and the host 
asked the winery master (or...owner?) if one had to go to Switzerland to get 
the specific wine they were sipping.  
The master answered, "Yes, with the danger of never leaving here!"
That's a very true statement about Switzerland, I should let you know.  
Especially if you happen across some amazing, 
made-in-Switzerland Swiss desserts. 

Some may wonder why in the world I'd choose to watch PBS on a Friday night. 
1. I'm tired (per usual lately)
2. Watching Dateline will only make me paranoid.  
I'm genetically prone to paranoia, so 
I don't need more of that.

Seeing all this tasty-looking food and drink really makes me crave the 
one thing I've wanted for the last 48 hours: 

Why just the last 48 hours, you may wonder?

Well, aside from this show's footage of 

              (their words, not mine), 
I had my "sweets day" on Wednesday. 

It was kind of an ambush. 
The place where I've been temping likes to celebrate birthdays. 
Oh, for my non-American visitors (if there are any out there!),
this implies a plethora of 
baked/confectioned/extra-sugar sweetness... 
                                    ...that description didn't help anyone who doesn't speak Amurrhican. 

On Wednesday, the birthday spread included
Dunkin Doughnut holes,
Banana bread with streusel,
Sticky rolls with thick caramel,
Dove dark and milk chocolates.  
Nom, nom, nom. 

I had all but the sticky rolls, and 
I've been ca-raving chocolate and sugar since.  

This is what happens when you give into temptation,
especially when you don't even recognize temptation as such until you are
literally wiping powdered sugar from those tasty doughnuts off of your face.  

I thought I was doing really well on this Lent challenge,
but I've learned that this challenge is about self-control,
something God wants me to have, 
I definitely won't be getting that self-control if there isn't any
challenge involved. 

After all, 
saving money on sweets could buy me a ticket to Switzerland...

but probably not with that guy.

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  1. Awesome Laura.... =) I would be watching Rick Steve's with ya... and you never know all that chocolate MIGHT buy you a plane ticket... maybe. ;o) love your posts! ~Jen


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