Friday, April 29, 2011

I woke up at 4:55 AM CDT this morning, and I'm not mad about it.

I did something not at all original this morning.

along with about 2 BILLION other people,
watched Kate and William Windsor get married.

Ok - let's just take that period off the end of that sentence and replace
it with a whole buncha exclamation points, like these: !!!!!!!

Kate and William both looked amazing at this royal event.  The wedding itself was really interesting to watch, as I was just a figment of my parent's imagination when Charles and Diana got married,
and just a little tike when the rest of Elizabeth II's kids tied the knot.

I loved the final sermon of the service, where
the reverend (priest?) gave an excellent message about
love and trust and God's desire for these two to have a wonderful life together.

It was also incredible that SO many people knew exactly what was going to happen,
cheering and singing along to the hymns accordingly!
"Jerusalem" is definitely going to be a song I look up in the near future. 

But you know what everyone - well, everyone who cares -
is going to be talking about regarding today:

How incredible these two dresses are (Today Show Tumblr)

How...incredible...the hats were (Today Show Tumblr)

How happy these two are (Today Show Tumblr)


  1. glad to know someone else was up watchin! =) We had a "royal" party & taco night here! All the girls around the TV watching. =) Miss ya love!

  2. You two are a bunch of weirdos. Must be a woman thing ;).

  3. Jen - we definitely weren't the only ones!

    James - See some pictures from the wedding-day crowd and discover how this was not at all just a "woman thing." :)


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