Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Numba 100!

I don't know what to right about the 100th post of this blog except that it probably should have come in January!


Thanks for everyone sticking with me as I write [not often enough].

It takes a lot for me to write on this,
putting my ideas out here and
letting (literally) anyone see them.
I'm telling you - I think about blog posts for weeks sometimes.  

So, here's a little progress report 
                           (I guess being a licensed teacher makes terminology like that easy to use).

Want to know what I'm doing right now?
Watching/listening to TV on my computer and blogging at the same time. 
Why is that possible? 
Well, aside from a couple things called
video cards and high speed internet,
I worked out today.

Yep, John challenged me (after listening to me whine - wait, I whine?!)
to work out for at least 30 minutes before I watch TV. 
Lemme tell you.  I LOVE TV.  I shouldn't, but I do.  It's not good.

What I love more is the idea of having a baby.  It's true, but
that will be difficult to do when I struggle with jogging, let alone
climbing a mountain everyday
(that's what they say being pregnant is like; is that right, momma-friends?).

So, workout-day-three came and went (I started on Monday), and I
felt like I could have exhaled a lung when I
went up and down my apartment's stairs.
That's no exaggeration - the stairs had a little condensation on them,
and I was so out-of-breath by the 20th set
                               (ok, that started on the 10th set)...
things didn't look too straight.

Here's to commitment, folks!  Now, where's my chocolate...

Speaking of chocolate, I've gotten into a little baking rut. 
I've got a mango, two peaches, four pears, three or four green apples, a bunch of frozen bananas and frozen strawberries, and a small bag of frozen mango.  Also, I think I might have frozen blueberries, I know I have four limes, and ... orange juice. 
Let me know if you get any ideas;
I've got none!
Actually, I've got a whole book of ideas that my mom-in-law found at a Good Will
(why can't the awesome thrifting genes transfer from my husband's side to me?).
It's called The Art of Fine Baking.

Written by Paula Peck.
Recommended by James Beard.
And, well, to be utilized by me. 

This book is old school, folks.  Apparently it's dang good, too.

So, John's finally [in the beginning stages of officially being] back in the Army. 
It's true - and it's taken
almost seven months to make this happen.
God was very good with that, especially with making sure
we (primarily John) woke up before five each time he
was scheduled to get his physical.  T'was rough, but
patience-developing.  Which I, need.

And I think I'll stop there.  For a 100th post, this
is nothing special, but heck -
what does that matter? 

Well, it matters enough to make it special with...

Zebra-print 7up Retro!!!
(the 80's are BACK...again!)

And that be that. 

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