Saturday, February 5, 2011


So here are my plans:

I'm planning on catching up on Talk to Me Tuesday. 
Between moving, unpacking, dealing with post-moving blues, trying to find a job, etc.,
I've fallen off the tracks. 
Well, Heidi., I'm getting back on...soon!  Watch out!  :)  
Oh, and for all of you, watch out for her 
30 outfits in-
                30 days with-
                                30 items-challenge.  So cool! 

Another thing that's kept me from
doing Talk to Me Tuesday is a post I wrote
for Kingdom Twindom, an awesome blog featuring an awesome family who God is bringing through an incredible, challenging, God-glorifying journey. 

I thought it'd be challenging as well as exciting.
However, I'm a little nervous as I 
plan on bracing myself for the comment section,
considering the topic is, at times, taboo, and instead of constructive criticism,
some people on the internet like to
                 start flame wars
                                         for any reason. 
But I know Sarah (the mom of Kingdom Twindom) is great and
has a lot of supportive readers,
so it should be ok.
Also, I'm hoping that this post is something that can get a few people thinking and may bless someone out there who's been considering the post's message like I have. 
I've had this message on my heart for many years now, 
and I know that others share my sentiments, including my friend B. 

Speaking of B., she and I have talked about 
doing a post on her amazing,
addictive blog
Really, I am nervous because she is so darn good at what she does on there.
Oh, and she's a Christian and a Theta at the same time;
I'm lucky that she's my friend! 

One plan I have for this weekend is to catch up with some old friends and hang out with some new ones.
The Trinity Wives group is hopping along here at the seminary, and
I met another awesome 
seminary wife-The Office loving-blogging friend,  
If you want to know more about what Trinity is like when 
there aren't snow drifts almost as tall as I am from our recent 
check out her blog.

Lastly, here's to a quick shout-out to my friends Katie and Bret, 
who had a beautiful little baby girl on Monday!  
She's super cute and has a full head of hair.  
I hope to give her a big ol' hug some day soon! :)  
Congrats you guys! 

Ok, that's about it for me.  

Have a good day, everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see your catching up posts. And your guest posts. Maybe I need to start recruiting you as a guest blogger? :)

  2. ha ha!! I'll post for you only if you want me to!! no big deal!

    A lot of those catch-up posts will be "um...I failed at this TtMT challenge!" Oh well... :)

    Guest post is up at Kingdom Twindom. yay!

  3. Thanks for the very sweet shout out, Laura! Excited to have you guest post soon!
    Much love,


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