Saturday, February 5, 2011

catching up on plan #1 (Talk to me Tuesday)

First plan (as described in my previous post):

Catch up on TALK TO ME JANUARY (and a lil' of february...)!!! :)

Here we go:

Feb 1: What is your WORD for 2011?

No idea, actually.  I have a word or phrase that I use in regular conversation, and that word or phrase changes over time.  
Such words and phrases that many of you have experienced are the following:

.2 - expressed as "point 2," meaning that I or we were very close to something or someone.  
         example: "I was .2 from running into that girl when we were both crossing the street!"

to be honest - something i say before or after any open, honest comment that has any level of gravity. 
       example: "The weather is kind of crappy today, to be honest." 

I hate it - something I say whenever my husband picks on me, or if I have to do something that is mildy irritating. I don't tend to say this in actual difficult situations, however...
       example: John is driving and I'm in the passenger seat, and  all of a sudden he squeezes my leg right 
                      above the knee.  I'll naturally yell/whine, "I HATE IT!" [Honestly - who doesn't???  Ugh, that's 
                      the (kinda) worst thing ever....]

I love it - when some little thing makes me happy. Like when John makes dinner!!!!! Or when my mom or grandma sends me a letter.

to be frank - see "to be honest"

fyi - also see "to be honest," but with a more informative spin.  
       example: "That stop light is turning red, fyi." 

101- to express the epitome of something, including ideas, people's actions, my mistakes, etc. It's not really referring to the "basic" anything, which is ironic, I know.  Oh well.  
        example: Finding your wedding dress at a "all-in-stock-half-off" sale three days after you got  
             engaged. Bargain 101!!!!  (not the best example, but I'm trying to keep things positive here). 

Awkward Turtle - oh Thetas of Gamma Pi yore, you'll appreciate this.  For those of you who don't know what "Awkward Turtle" is, simply replicate a turtle on it's back with your hands.  Place one palm on top of the back side of your other hand.  Wiggle your thumbs.  Akward turtle.  Perfect statement for any awkward or idiotic situation.  

I know that this isn't what Heidi was getting at with her TtMT question, 
but it's simply all I can concretely come up with.  
If I had to say what my "theme-word" would be right now, 
it'd probably be something like "proactive."  
Not because I am excited about 
any particular skin-care line, 
but because I've determined myself not to 
just sit around and 
wait for life to happen. 
Hopefully that works out - no, I'll proactively make it work out!! :)  
In God's timing, of course.

I'll catch up on other ones later!  It's time for me to "proactively" clean our kitchen...

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