Saturday, July 17, 2010



Two posts in one day?

Typically I aspire to do this sort of thing,
(multiple posts in one day, that is)
but I just don't do it.  

Call me lazy,
or call me productive-outside-of-the-virtual-world.  Whatevs. 

But this song reminds me of my home,
which I dearly miss almost 

Twins Baseball,
HVL sports,
small town friendliness 
             (which always involves small town gossip, 
                                                                  to be honest),
green trees and rolling hills,
old friends,
trickling rivers,
no sales tax on clothes,
great local music,
great local food and drinks,
great friends.

I'd transplant my hubby and I back up North if I could, 
although I know this (Iowa) is where we should be for the time being.

I still miss the MN
and always will.

So in honor of my home, please
replace the following lyrics in this song (linked below):

West Virginia = Minnesota
Blue Ridge Mountains = Iron Ridge Mountains
                                                    (yes, there is a mountain or two in MN)
Shenandoah River = Mississippi River
Younger than that mountains = younger than the roll'n hills
mountain momma =  ...i don't know, country momma?  we can use that.

yeah, it's a bit of a stretch, 
but I think all small-town/country girls and guys can pick up on this. 



  1. Mountains in MN - it sounds like a needed family fact finding excursion. :)

  2. Pat, it's true. Remember who actually IS from Minnesota!!! :)


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