Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yesterday I got to visit a couple friends in Ames.  
                                                                 SO fun!

First, Andrea D.  She doesn't have a blog (that i know if), but she did design this! :)
Wise beyond her years.
Excellent hair stylist AND graphic designer!
Mommy-to-be, and a CUTE one at that. (!)
Super hospitable.
Inspiring cook!

Then I got to see Allie W.
So fun to talk to!
A great mom to a bright-blonde curly-Sue! :)
Always down-to-earth.
Totally relatable.
Extremely flexible with my spontaneous visits 
                    (although I'll admit calling ahead of time 
                         is a lot more conducive to knowing a 
                                             visit can actually happen!)
Always has a tasty drink on-hand 
            (A&E lemonade is a lot better in Ames than DSM, for some reason!)
Jesus-loving mama and wife!

I'm happy God has given me these two friends,
especially because it feels like no time has passed since we last got together. 

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  1. Yay!! Thank for making it up to see us! We love it when you visit. :) I am happy God has given me you too!!!!!!!


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