Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today I turned 30.


I considered running around
(literally - up and down halls and stairs and being a goofy teen for the last time)
last night like I did on the eve of my 20th birthday,
but being 10 years older and a whole lot more tired these days,
I decided to be an irresponsible 20-something for the last time and
stay up until a quarter til 1 watching "MasterChef."

It was - almost - worth it.

So I'm happy to be 30.  I'm simply happy to be alive,
happy to celebrate a special number attached to an annually occurring day,
and I am thankful that God has given me these minutes and hours to live, breathe, and
honor him.

I'm having a party,
which I love planning but get overwhelmed when it involves me as a focal point.
It took my husband and a good friend to just get over it already and
make the e-vite!

I'm also having a baby;
yes, you non-facebookers/blog readers who I don't know personally,
the miracle of life is happening within me and
I am certainly freaked out and excited and chill and nervous all at once.
One plus of going through infertility is the perspective on how the wait makes this occasion something worth cherishing and taking a day at a time.
The other plus is that, after going through infertility for a while, I've been able to sort through a lot of the pregnancy pressure and hype that surrounds expecting moms, for which I will be
eternally thankful.

So here's to the first day of being 30, the exciting experience of becoming a mom, the prayer and hope that this pregnancy continues heathfully and easily, and the wonder of what this next year will bring.

May God use me for his glory in every awesome and hardcore way.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Laura! It was great seeing you the other day =)



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