Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TTC T: Facebook 1

This is called Facebook 1, mainly because I'm confident that I'll have other posts about Facebook in the future.

Anyway, it's hard going on Facebook when you're trying to conceive,
particularly when you find out that a friend is having a baby.

It could be his or her first,
that's about the top number I can remember for the amount of kids any of my friends have.

So, it's easy to become jealous, bitter, and calloused toward these friends.

It's also even easier to become jealous, bitter, and calloused toward God.

Finally, it's easiest to become sad, discouraged, and dismayed - none of which are bad, but
none of which are actually good.

So I've learned to
a. say "congrats!"
b. avoid FB in the daytime


a. babies are wonderful, they are gifts from God, and they are worth celebrating!

b. moms post more in the daytime, and my work productivity tanks and my thighs start to spread when I get sad.

It's true. 

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