Thursday, July 12, 2012


a lot of things happened this week.

a lot more things happened this week, one year ago.

when it comes to grief, most people forget you are suffering after some point in time,
and that is almost the hardest thing about it.

one year ago, i went home to be with my dad during his last month of life.

when you experience grief, the first year is in fact the hardest, and the
anniversaries are the toughest part.

oddly enough, this time it wasn't the date of the anniversary, but the day.

A Tuesday - that's when I went home on a bus, was picked up by a friend,
who transferred me to my waiting sister, who brought home to be with dad.

This past Tuesday, it had been 52 weeks (not quite a year),
and this past Tuesday,
almost no one actually knew what that day truly meant.

The anniversary of the beginning of the toughest month of my life.

Hopefully I can share some of the lightness from that month - there was more
lightness there
than most people can understand -
but please know that what posts I can actually write out may, at times,
be difficult in tone for most people.

It's just that - this is almost the only place i feel like i can actually explain what is going on.

Thanks in advance for reading[/listening].
It means a so much.

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