Saturday, March 17, 2012

hi, again.

It's been a while since I've written, and I
can't guarantee this will be an awesome post of any sort,
but I am just going to spout off some thoughts here, and
maybe I'll whip up some thought-provoking text on this blog.

Thought 1:
Watching the cyclones on TV is exciting, because IL doesn't do
Big 12.  Thankfully, CBS does online March Madness broadcast.
First two points of the game?  ISU!
But there is a bit of sadness in this situation here.  If I showed you
this room I'm sitting in, it would only include me and the guys on TV.
I miss Iowa.
I also am having a hard time watching KU score 7 crazy unanswered points.
Fingers-crossed that these ISU men can pull out some away-game
Hilton Magic. 
Update: 22-26, KU.  Make 'em cry, Cyclones!

I know #1 seeds in the NCAA tournament get preferential
placement in regard to which region they get to play their
first games.  Having your first games in your home state, though,
just seems too dang good. 

I'm got a lot of feedback on my infertility post, and I'm wondering if
I should start a series.  Maybe.
This month, I thought we had finally done it, but no such result.  
Guess I still have some writing material, right?


It's tough when I'm explaining something about my hometown, and
I have to explain something about my "mom's house." 
It's not just that my dad died, but that he did die - he didn't leave. 
So many people live in broken homes - officially broken by divorce -
and I just want people to know that my parents loved each other
and they didn't give up - ever.

We - John and I - also have to clarify about our living arrangements
whenever we talk about Minnesota.  When we were engaged,
he lived in Minneapolis, and I lived in Chaska. 
Actually, I did have
a student once ask me if my then-fiance and I lived together, and
when I said no, he said "Cool!" 
(Tara - take one big guess as to who that was)

The weather is great right now, and hopefully we get some rain.
The farmers could use it, and so could the daffodils! 
Hopefully I'll be getting some pics of those this spring.

Next year I'll be leading a Trinity Wives small group on campus.
Hopefully God blesses it as much as he did our small group this year.
One awesome thing: one of the women from my group
volunteered (unasked!) to go with me to my group, whatever that will be! 

Well, I got photoshop for Christmas (on super sale!), and let me tell you,
it's a unique program, and it
does some fun things like ----
create 10 Year Reunion Invitations!
Coming in April to a Mailbox Near You*
*that is, if "you" were a part of the class of PIHS 2002. 

If you have two cents if not twenty cents about
how to get into shape, meaning
how to get toned up,
build endurance,
and eat healthy,
then please chime in.
Oh, and keep in mind that, when you give
those two or more cents, that I
am a weak little thing,
don't like to run (but wish I did),
and I don't tend to get hungry that often.

Time to finally make my wedding photo book.  
3.5 years isn't too late, is it?


  1. We often sit without anyone but the TV people too. Let's fix this and get together sometime! We're not that far away from each other! :-)

  2. Yay, Rachel! You found me! :) We should fix this for sure - I'll contact you via e-mail.


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