Saturday, August 13, 2016

Postpartum-Anxiety and PTSD and Unsuspected Grief, oh My!

How's that for a happy blog title!! 

As a side note from what this blog post will be about,
and this post WILL be short,
I don't only think or talk about as bummer of things as this. 
I also whine all day about how this summer has meant for non-stop sweating and being the preferred target of all mosquitoes within the tri-county area.  
So there's that.

Anyway, after counseling and meds and talking to people and reading all sorts of articles about what often happens to women after labor and delivery (yet, absurdly, nearly no one openly talks about), I figured out I had all of the above - up there in the title line. 

It was rough, starting out with Zeke (birth story almost done!!), and I don't really blame him.  Yes, newborns are difficult to figure out, even if you've had one before, but this was altogether different.

I don't know how I can do it or what I can say to make women everywhere aware of the fact that if something is wrong, it's ok to ask. 

But everyone out there - regardless of your medical condition but especially if it's as nefarious as everything that happens after you birth a human being -
if you are sick
or if you are sad
or if you are hurt
and it JUST isn't gettting any better,
talk to someone.

You have my permission,
you have my support,
you have my insistance.

Getting help, for whatever it is, is crucial.  Some say it takes a village to raise a child.  That may be, but I'll tell you what:

It takes a village to truly function as an adult.

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