Saturday, March 5, 2016

Two 2 & under - Mama's sick

So I've been dealing with some illnesses lately. The easiest to talk about is the stomach flu. I landed in the -
no, not hospital -
bed a couple of weeks ago after spending some time with the other "John" in this house while my beloved John did what he could to help.
It was only 24 hours. I truly thanked God for that since I had the stomach flu just a year earlier, and that incident lasted for 5 days.
Then there's another kind of illness that I'd rather not have to think about: postpartum anxiety.
To be honest, I would take a week-straight of the stomach flu over this mental monster. 
I won't get into what it all feels like right now, but I have to say this: being new to just about everyone here, it's
depressing to have this be my first impression that I give to so many of the women I am meeting. 
It's not because they are women and is not because they are mean or cold or anything, but instead it's just another in a series of unforseen social hurdles in this difficult chapter of my life.

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