Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's the flu, it's a hangover - no, it's sleep deprivation!

"Maybe the only 21 months of age separation between my kids is really taking a toll, or perhaps the lack of nap opportunities is it, but I feel like I'm going to physically fall apart."

This is how I felt a couple days ago. Slight fever, congested head, achy body, difficulty walking straight.  If I didn't have sleep deprivation to blame, I would have put myself in the doctor's office, no question. 

I totally agree with sleeping when the baby sleeps, but that advice is difficult to when ah toddler is around. 

So, after registering at least a (body temp) degree more than usual, I put a drop off Theives oil blend in my water bottle and felt better right away. 

Now all I need is an IV drip of espresso, and maybe I'll just have enough energy to keep from crying about fatigue one again.
Side note: my husband is a trooper for being my audience of one during these early weeks.

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