Wednesday, March 5, 2014

almost done, one way or another!

41+1 going on 41+2.

I am tired, and it's 11:05, but I want to document this.

I'm a week and a day late, going on a week and 2 days late.  It's incredible to say that, knowing that it means that I have a baby in me and knowing that it's not wondering if this child is going to happen, but when.

So this is how it has all gone:

1. I couldn't have had a better experience with this pregnancy - physically speaking.  I feel good even at this time, with the only discomfort being the process of my hips widening and the ever present after 5 pm heart burn.  Tums are my friends, but a word to the wise: get the mint ones, not the fruity kinds.

I didn't get sick, nor did I have any ailments that could have landed me in the hospital or on bedrest.  I fully expected those things, so I'm quite thankful they didn't happen.  That all to say, I knew that at any moment they could, and so that's why I'm thankful. 

2. Emotionally speaking, it was up and down in the beginning.  The first trimester I was definitely feeling the preggo craze, but by 2nd semester I was significantly more relaxed.  Thankfully that lasted through the 3rd trimester, because it was a really busy time.

3. Luck - sheer luck (or providence, although it's a bit random in its application from person to person).  I had less than a half dozen people touch my belly unsolicited during this time.  How about that!  And those who did - they were my family.  Definitely better than strangers, but still weird when you only usually get hugs instead of two hands jostling around your abdomen.

4. Loved - I have been super thankful for all of the support from family.  They have provided so much humor, care, and generosity this whole time.  My friends have been really great, too, especially with the notes from those far away and the help from those here.  My husband has been awesome - level-headed, up for participating and learning, and overall a huge encouragement.  Finally I have been so thankful to God for all He has given us through these relationships and his own providential blessing. 

5. Well, I'm about to head to the hospital soon, as it turns out, and hopefully this baby is on her way.  Additionally, I hope that everything goes well and that we can actually figure out a name! :)

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