Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What to Register for If You're ...

What to Register for If You're Getting Married
What to Register for If You're Pregnant
What to Register for If You're Really Ready for People to Buy You Stuff.

Good quality things!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been thinking about this lately, and it was compounded by the following:
1. I have a student worker in my office who is getting married, saying he and his fiance are registering for less expensive things because they don't want their family and friends to have to spend beyond what they want.
2. I have a friend who will be moving soon who mentioned the cheap stuff they registered for when they got married, and how those things were going in the toss pile.

Just some advice from the brain that thinks about these things:

People often really want to do something special for you if it's a special occasion,
and if they don't want to give cash, they
will go for the registry list. 

Sure, it's good to put less-expensive items on a list for those who can't drop $100 -
heck, $50 -
on a gift, but
find things that are good in quality.

Some people very likely do want to get you something nice,
and most people probably don't want to get you something that's
going to bust once you've used it for a year or
two or

Finally, when the cheap stuff does break, or
if the cheap stuff doesn't quite do the job you want it to do,
then I sure hope you have the ca$h to buy the
$15 measuring cups or the
$30 glasses or the
$50 food processor or the 
$75 set of silverware
$100 plates and bowls set or the
$200 high quality, soft, durable sheets or the
$300 vacuum or the
$500 pots and pans or the 
$1500 mattress or the
$3000 car repair.

No, you don't register for car repairs,
but the nice registry-eligible stuff you want
will take a BIG back seat
once married life/parent life/etc. really gets going!

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  1. SO TRUE, Laura! :) We were guilty of registering for the less expensive things. :(


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