Sunday, January 20, 2013

A bit of perspective from a TV host

  For the most part, I like Kathie Lee Gifford.

I think she is funny and savvy,
has (several of) her
morals intact, and she brings
a non-formulaic breath of fresh air to the Today Show.

I don't watch the Today Show
(including the fourth hour)
as much these days due
to the fact that I work in the morning
and that the whole show
has gotten fairly
underwhelming and/or slanted in a variety of ways,
but I appreciate what this host said in a book of hers not too long ago,
and I hope she still believes it:

"Today's [talk] shows make me miss Johnny Carson. and Jack Paar. And Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, and Dick Cavett. I miss people who knew how to talk to people intelligently, without insulting or demeaning them, and also knew how to listen.

"And while I am at it, I miss Bill Crosby, Bob Newhart, Tim Conway, Carol Burnett - people who knew how to make you laugh without maiking you feel guilty about it.

Sex does not automatically equal entertainment.  Filthy words do not automatically make someone a comedian. And screaming and interrupting certainly does not equal having a conversation."

Definitely something to consider.

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