Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Did you know I like to make lots of treats for Christmas?

It all started in my senior year of HS - ten years ago to this week, probably -
when Mrs. Arel handed us a packet of recipes full of

Lots and lots of

Hard rock candy,
etc. etc. etc.

Just in time for Christmas,
these recipes were exciting for all of us,
and I do believe that this was the food unit
where Mrs. Arel finally deemed us to be "Good Eaters."
2nd period always had that title over us;
I think we were more picky.

Unfortunately, my recipes got lost in our last move. 
I have no idea where they are, and
my best guess would be that they are
decomposed into dirt by now.

So, I've been looking at other recipes this year,
and here's the first one I'm going to try: