Saturday, September 18, 2010


i think the only male reader i have is my husband...

so be prepared to be embarrassed, mister!

not really. :)

just a quick note before i go to bed.

i am thinking as i write, and i want to reflect on something.
it is so, so easy for me to give up on being lovey-dovey.
there are a lot of factors that lead to that, but
nothing is more happy-killing in any circumstance than
bad news.

it can be news from around the world,
news that i hear from a friend or relative,
or "news" i let circulate - or spin - in my head, which consists mostly of lies and

so today, in a preemptive move to banish the
self-perpetuating bad news i was about to fall into,
i decided that it was more important to pretty-myself-up (inside and out)
in order to to get myself in a better mood for when i got da hubs from work
than to have completely cleaned the apartment 

i have to say that while i can see things fairly clearly in real life (although
what i see clearly does range from both common-sense matters to abstract concepts),
i definitely have been constantly learning when it comes to this whole marriage thing.

there's always something there to remind me that i don't have
this whole wife thing together,
such as a not-remotely-completely-clean apartment.

but today,
I rediscovered [AGAIN!] that good romance needs effort from my behalf, too
                 (even if it's just a quick shower and putting on a dress).

and that effort?
it counts, and
it's worth it.

i still like it when he brings me flowers*, though! :)

*i'll show you those later.

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